The History

T he club was started in 2015 by Phillip Bendixen Larsen and Mads Gottlieb Jensen. They both played Ultimate Frisbee throughout high school and felt that the university could do with a team. The first practices took place in the hall on DTU Campus with some close friends and the word quickly spread. Shortly thereafter in October 2015 a facebook group called "Frisbee Fridays @ DTU" was made. At the time practices were held on fridays between 13:00 and 14:30. On November 15th the club first partook in a round of the National Championship in Prismen on Amager. The team played in open 2nd division and had to match colors as there was no official jersey yet. On February 3rd 2016 the club was formally founded and Mads was selected as the first ever club president.

Dinner at McDonalds after the first ever participation in a national round

In 2016 the newfound board got to work. In March they had stickers made to put onto DFSU discs to compose the first ever club disc. Every one of the 16 members was given a free club disc and since then all new members have gotten a free club disc. In May the board presented some kit designs for the members to vote on and in November the finished kits finally arrived. Just in time for the clubs first participation in a club-organized tournament namely Kong Volmer in Farum. This was also the first time the club won anything as they took home the Spirit prize in the open division.

The first club kit arrived in late 2016, around a year after the first practices. It featured a DTU logo and some subtle equations in the background.

In 2017 the club got its first ever non-spirit accolade, as they won open 2nd division in the Indoor National Championship. In summer the club held a competetion to come up with a design for new printed discs, and in autumn the new discs arrived. During this year the club also had a big increase in members. In October the club participated in the national U24 sponsor tournament Screw The Kangaroo with 3 mixed teams - more than any other club in Denmark.

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